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The Truth About TV Board Repair Kits

Posted by TV Parts for Sale on 4/27/2016 to News
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As an alternative to a company NOT having a part for your TV in stock, they try to sell a Board Repair Kits.

There are lots of problems with these kits:
  • Most require a soldering iron, solder wick and solder, wire cutters and other specialized tools we in the repair business for over 40 years use routinely
  • Also needed is EXPERTISE; soldering is a learned talent over many years
  • Most of the parts in the kit don't ever need replacing or require a hot air de-soldering station that even repair shops don't have
  • There are NO instructions as how to prevent reoccurring failures with modifications or proper re-installation techniques
  • 99% of all repair shops don't use these kits either
  • There is NO return or warranty on these kits
Don't be fooled or waste time, find the right part or replace the product entirely. See our next blog post on What Kind of TV to Buy!